Celebration of Life Ceremony

A Life-Cycle Celebrant TM ceremony elicits the exceptional and personal details of the life of the one who is making or has made their transition. Through one-on-one family interviews, careful selection of readings and music, and other personalized touches, a Celebrant composes a one-of-a-kind ceremony that honors the cultural, religious, spiritual, and very personal nature of the individual being remembered.

Gathering at the pier for scattering at sea

Ceremony and ritual offer a poignant and measurable opportunity to take pause and reflect on the life of one who has made their final transition. Family and friends gather to remember, to honor, and to celebrate the life of someone who has touched them in unique and profound ways. By doing so, the community that assembles offers one another realization of the emotions brought forth by this loss, an opportunity to recognize deep value and appreciation of the life of the one who has died, and the ability to share support with fellow mourners. An end-of-life gathering carries with it a myriad of gifts for those whose lives have been profoundly touched by one who is dying or who has died.

Ceremonies may be conducted as an individual nears the end of life with an opportunity for friends and families to gather and celebrate a wonderful life. Likewise, traditional gatherings after death may be planned that are religious or non-religious in nature, reflecting the personal beliefs and values of the deceased. No matter what timing or what venue is chosen, a gathering to commemorate this moment in time offers healing for those left behind and a sacred act of rendering a final good-bye to life experience as it has been known before the death.

Backyard celebration of life


Farewell gathering


Family gathering for scattering at sea

In planning a Celebration of Life, one may wish to consider that the ceremony can be as creative and unique as the individual who is being celebrated. Virtually anything is possible! Consider,

  • A family may choose to hold a “party” that reflects the singular and extraordinary characteristics of the one being celebrated.
  • As part of the ceremony, You may wish to offer an opportunity for “open mic” for individuals who would speak and share personal stories or words of comfort to the individual being celebrated and their close ties.
  • A ceremony can be held in any potential venue, including the beach, a lovely park, a mountainous area, a favorite restaurant, even at home in a backyard or in a special garden.
  • A Celebration of Life gathering may simply be an opportunity to share a lovely meal and companionship with family and friends who wish to render their final respects.

Available services include:

  • Recommendation and/or coordination of ceremony venue based upon Your specific needs and requirements or
  • Ceremonial leadership at a venue that You have arranged.
  • Composing and officiating memorial service, religious or non-religious.

Additional services can be arranged for:

  • Bagpipes, acoustic instruments, or other musical complement, including favorite recorded music.
  • Creation of tribute video montage to be played at gathering.
  • Keepsakes, including memorial folders, prayer cards, or wild flower seeds with custom tags.
  • Artistic and beautiful keepsake vessels to keep a portion of cremated remains (if applicable).
  • Dove release.
  • Pre-ceremony coordination of photo displays and flower arrangements.
  • Coordination of post-ceremony “Celebration of Life” reception with recommendation of catering service and venues.

Caroline Flanders is a certified Life-Cylce Celebrant and is on the faculty of the Celebrant Foundation and Institute teaching end-of-life ceremonies and other ceremonies for healing. As a student of theology and an aspiring chaplain, Caroline has a vast knowledge of world religions, various cultural practices for commemoration of end-of-life, as well as access to a plethora of touching readings, poetry, prose, music selections, rituals and other means to create a distinctive and memorable ceremony.

Caroline is available to compose and officiate at celebration of life ceremony and is also available to offer consultation and guidance to families who wish to plan a gathering on their own.

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