Caroline Flanders
Caroline Flanders
Life Cycle Celebrant TM
Interfaith Minister
(760) 310-1142


Caroline Flanders is an interfaith minister and Life-Cycle Celebrant TM. Caroline specializes in creating meaningful and unique end-of-life ceremonies to commemorate this significant life transition. Caroline’s life work, educational pursuits and personal experiences bring forth a deep understanding and knowledge of a multitude of cultures, religions, traditions, and practices. Life commemoration is facilitated as a one-of-a-kind, spiritual, religious, or secular ceremony co-created by Your specific direction and desires.

End-of-Life gatherings provide an opportunity for healing. Ritual and ceremony mark the transition from one experience into a new reality of life without the physical presence of one whom we hold so dear. By gathering to celebrate and commemorate life, we give living testimony and witness to personal achievements and history. A family-directed ceremony offers an opportunity to express grief, support our fellow mourners, and to grant hope and continuity for the living. Funerals, memorial services, and celebrations of life allow us to embrace our beliefs concerning life and death in a way that uniquely displays the cultural, religious, spiritual, and personal tapestry of life.

Available services include:


“Many times over, I have received compliments on the beauty of the ceremony You created in memory of my mother…You stepped in as a loving advocate for her spirit and her life when I could not. You connected with her highest self. You elevated her memory. You made her shine and truly honored her…You bring great heart and insight… Thank You so much for stepping in and relieving me of so much of the burden I still carried from the years of witnessing my mother’s descent into Alzheimer’s Disease. Thank You for loving her and re-membering her with respect and joy.”
Toni Torquato, La Jolla, CA



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