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Scattering at Sea

Our Southern California culture is known for families who choose to participate in having the cremated remains of their beloved scattered at sea as a final resting place. Verily, we who live in this most beautiful and wonderful place do thoroughly enjoy and appreciate its gorgeous coastline. Many of us have grown up here, enjoying sunny days on the beaches, perhaps frolicking in the waves off of the shore or strolling up and down one of the historical piers. Choosing to visit our beloved friend or family member with a visit to the beach or a sail on the ocean brings with it a knowing that in fact, their presence is felt in all places and their memory is kept sacred in the beauty of all things that are part of the vast and exquisite ocean.

Many do not realize the full degree of the sanctity of being involved with a ceremony to scatter ashes at sea. Until they have personally taken part and witnessed this act, they can only imagine the full extent of the effects of witnessing this final act of benevolent love and care. Watching the cremated remains descend into the depths of the ocean is as if seeing an ethereal body go forth into a place of deep and lasting peace.

Depending upon the boat that is chosen for the event, a family may elect to have beverage service or other light catering. Verily, even a larger meal can be planned and catered depending upon the vessel chosen. Most vessels offer the ability to play music on a sound system and may even have a television monitor if a family chooses to show a tribute video or slide show during the ceremony.

Along with scattering of the ashes, a family may also wish to scatter beautiful flowers or colorful flower petals. A ceremony at sea can be uniquely and carefully planned to reflect the distinctive and extraordinary life of the individual who is being celebrated. Taking part in this event at sea is a marvelous and touching way to bring a beloved friend or family member to peaceful rest.

Available services include:

  1. Recommendation and/or coordination of boat charter based upon Your specific needs and requirements or
  2. Ceremonial leadership on a boat charter that You have arranged.
  3. Coordination of ceremony to witness scattering from shore.
  4. Composing and officiating memorial service at sea, religious or non-religious.
  5. Obtaining scattering permit from County authorities if needed.

Additional services can be arranged for:

  1. Bagpipes, acoustic instruments, or other musical complement, including favorite recorded music.
  2. Creation of tribute video montage to be played onboard ship.
  3. Keepsakes for ceremony participants, including memorial folders, prayer cards, or wild flower seeds with custom tags.
  4. Artistic and beautiful keepsake vessels to keep a portion of cremated remains.
  5. Pre-ceremony coordination of photo displays and flower arrangements.
  6. Coordination of post-ceremony “Celebration of Life” reception with recommendation of catering service and venues.

As a Life-Cycle Celebrant tm, Caroline Flanders is prepared to create a one-of-a-kind ceremony reflecting the very personal and distinct nature of the one who is being celebrated. Caroline is also licensed by the State of California as a Cremated Remains Disposer and works closely with a variety of boat charter companies up and down the Coast of San Diego County.

Caroline is available to compose and officiate Your ceremony onboard ship or from shore and is also available to offer consultation and guidance to families who wish to plan a gathering on their own.

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